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Atlanta Theater Fans blog - Hopefully Coming SoonScanning through the recently-released lists of upcoming seasons for Atlanta Theaters, I had feelings of excitement for the offering of past favorites and new premieres. But even with the thrill of the upcoming productions of Spring Awakening, Red, and Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, I had slight feelings of—dare I say—disappointment at what I didn’t see listed. And so, the idea sprang for “Hopefully Coming Soon,” a bi-weekly blog that will focus not on what plays and musicals are currently being produced in Atlanta, but what plays and musicals should be produced in Atlanta.

There are close to a hundred professional theater productions each year in the Atlanta area. This figure sounds like a lot, but consider the thousands of plays and musicals that Atlanta theaters have to choose from each year. That’s not to say that our theaters don’t make the right choices. In fact, they usually make excellent choices, but with so much available to be produced, Atlanta theater-goers will always have a thirst for productions that aren’t being produced here.

While the blog will feature articles about successful shows on Broadway and other cities, it will also feature shows that were previous hits in Atlanta. Most Atlanta theatergoers can easily think of a show that they would love to see again. Whether by the same theater company or through a new staging, there are shows that will be just as well received and attended for a second (third, fourth, etc.) production.

Our current poll asks which Broadway show you would like to see come to Atlanta. Most of the choices have announced plans to tour the U.S and will, hopefully, make stops here in Atlanta. The show that has the most votes at the end of July will be featured in one of the August blogs. If you haven’t voted yet, please do.

The first edition will be posted next week and features a play recently revived on Broadway with a starry cast. If you have any suggestions for future articles, please email me at hopefully@atlantatheaterfans.com.

– A. Wesley

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