Off Stage – The Beginning


Atlanta Theater Fans blog - Off StageAs a kid sitting in vacation Bible school, I  watched older kids perform a skit and became enthralled by what I saw.  Since that day, you could say that I was bitten by theater, and I have clawed my way to be a part of it no matter how I could. Being a part of the magic and beauty of live theater captivates me still, whether a part of the performance or in the audience, which is where I find myself these days.

When I looked for an outlet to share my love of all things theater, I couldn’t really find one. Yes, there were some Broadway sites and message boards (even one with a local section), but these sites didn’t capture what I was looking to experience. There were some Atlanta sites. A few of them had useful information. Still, no single site existed as a place where I could find news, information and interact with others who have the same passion about local Atlanta theater.

To fill this void, I created the Atlanta Theater Fans website so Atlanta can have an online community all its own— a place where we can discuss, share and maybe even learn a few things about the dynamic theater community Atlanta offers.

Great theater makes us think.  It makes us uncomfortable, make us cry, makes us laugh, and makes us joyful.  With the eclectic offerings Atlanta theaters offers, I am excited to see what we can become as we share experiences and promote this unique, thrilling art form.


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