The New American Shakespeare Tavern presents The Comedy of Errors


Shakespeare Evolution Series The ComediesThe Atlanta Shakespeare Company at The New American Shakespeare Tavern presents The Comedy of Errors as part of part of The Shakespeare Evolution Series. Previews begin on September 1 and 2 with performances on September 3 through 11 as well as on September 17, 23 and 29. The show will close on October 2.

Two sets of twins, one case of mistaken identity, and a nun walk onto the stage. No, it’s not the start of a joke, but it is hilarious! The Comedy of Errors takes Shakespearean funny to such slap-happy heights, you’ll be dizzy with laughter. This tale of the merchant twins Antipholus and the servant twins Dromio is full of errors, upsets, and fun.

Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday September 11  after the show!


The Comedy of Errors
Directed by Drew Reeves
Production Stage Manager  Cindy Kearns*
Assistant Stage Manager Deborah McGriff*
Costume Designer Anné Carole Butler
Lighting Designer Matt Felten

Dramatis Personae

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus – J.C. Long*
Aegeon, a merchant of Syracuse – Doug Kaye*
Aemilia, wife to Aegeon, Abbess at Ephesus – Josie Burgin Lawson
Antipholus of Ephesus – Jeffrey Stephenson
Dromio of Ephesus – Jonathan Horne
Antipholus of Syracuse – Matt Nitchie
Dromio of Syracuse – Daniel Parvis
Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus – Laura Cole
Luciana, her sister – Kelly Criss
Angelo, a goldsmith – Nicholas Faircloth
Balthasar, a merchant – Doug Kaye*
A Courtesan – Amee Vyas*
Pinch, a schoolmaster – J.C. Long*
Merchants – Kenneth Wigley
Jailers – Jeffrey Stephenson, Matt Nitchie, Vinnie Mascola
Headsmen – Daniel Parvis, Jonathan Horne
Officers – Nicholas Faircloth, Vinnie Mascola, Doug Kaye*
Attendants – Josie Burgin Lawson, Amee Vyas*, Nicholas Faircloth, Kenneth Wigley
Messenger – Vinnie Mascola

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

Performance Days and Times:
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., and Sundays at 6:30 p.m..

Ticket Prices:
Seating areas: Main Floor Seats, Box Seats (on floor) and Balcony Seats

Regular Ticket Prices:

Thursday night:
Main: $24
Box: $20
Balcony: $15

Friday night:
Main: $32
Box: $26
Balcony: $22

Saturday night:
Main: $36
Box: $30
Balcony: $24

Sunday night:
Main: $28
Box: $22
Balcony: $15

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Discount Ticket Options: $12 tickets for Thursday Previews, $15 for Friday Previews (unless otherwise noted);.

Student/Educator prices: $5 off per price level per night except in the Balcony on Thursdays and Sundays. Not valid on Saturday nights.

$3 off for Military, Seniors, Groups of 10 or more, except in the Balcony on Thursdays and Sundays. Promotional discount offers are not valid closing weekend of a performance.

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The Shakespeare Evolution Series in its current form contains three or four phases based on play genre, rather than simply working its way through Shakespeare’s plays one by one. First up the company will perform all of Shakespeare’s comedies in their order of composition, moving then to the tragedies to trace how the Bard’s tragic style developed, next showing how he combined both styles in his late ‘tragicomic’ romances (including The Tempest) and hopefully, if scheduling and finances allow, eventually ending with an extravaganza of Shakespeare’s history plays. But this ordering system doesn’t mean that audiences will have to cry through the entire second round after laughing through the first. The company hopes to sprinkle plays from different genres alongside each production—for instance, giving audiences a few chances to see the comedy As You Like It, supposedly written the same year as the tragedy Julius Caesar, during the tragedy’s run.