Theatrical Outfit and 7 Stages Offer 2-Show Discount


All BluesTheatrical Outfit and 7 Stages have announced a special offer to see both The Green Book (at Theatrical Outfit) and All Blues (at 7 Stages). For $50, you can buy a package that comes with a ticket to each show. This provides savings of about 20%. To purchase this deal visit the Theatrical Outfit online ticketing site and select buy tickets online and then select the 2-show package option. This offer is only available for purchase until August 16.

Important: Once you buy the package, you must call each theater (Theatrical Outfit: 678-528-1500 and 7 Stages: 404-523-7647) separately to reserve your tickets for each show at least 48 hours in advance of the dates you’d like to attend. You will not reserve your seats at the time of purchase. You may reserve tickets for any performance of The Green Book from August 17 to September 4 except opening night on August 20 and for any performance of All Blues from September 22 to October 9 except opening night on September 24.

Additional restrictions may apply and date availabilities may change. Contact either theater at the numbers above if you have further questions about the packages before purchasing.

Click here to read more about The Green Book and click here to read more about All Blues.