AJC Reviews Freud’s Last Session at Theatrical Outfit

Freud's Last Session at Atlanta's Theatrical Outfit

Andrew Benator as C.S. Lewis and David de Vries as Sigmund Freud in Freud's Last Session. Photo by Josh Lamkin

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Critic Bert Osborne has reviewed the Theatrical Outfit production of Freud’s Last Session by Mark St. Germain for the AJC, giving it a grade of B+.

Osborne writes, “Not surprisingly, the results are smart and thought-provoking. More unexpectedly, under the smooth and brisk direction of Jessica Phelps West, they’re also genuinely witty and enjoyable.” He also complements the actors by stating: “David de Vries’ tour-de-force performance alone is not to be missed” and “Andrew Benator’s subdued portrayal of Lewis offers an effective contrast to de Vries’ animated Freud.” Read the full review on the AJC website.

Freud’s Last Session runs through November 13 at Theatrical Outfit’s Balzer Theatre at Herren’s. For tickets and more information, visit Theatrical Outfit’s website.