AJC Reviews Aurora Theatre’s Gray Area


Click here to read the Atlanta Theater Fans’ review of Gray Area.

Bart Hansard, Glenn Rainey, Bryan Brendle and Scott Warren star in Gray Area. Photo by Chris Bartelski

The AJC’s Bert Osborne has reviewed the Aurora Theatre’s production of John Ahlin’s Gray Area, which is playing through October 30.

In his review, Osborne states, “The first act of Aurora Theatre’s Gray Area contains some of the sharpest and funniest comedy we’ve seen in quite a while. But that only makes it all the more disheartening when the second act becomes a bombastic and leaden drama.” Osborne cites both Glenn Rainey and Bart Hansard as giving strong performances.

Based on the differences between the two acts, Osborne graded each act separately, giving Act One a B+ and Act Two a C. Bert Osborne’s full review can be found on the AJC website. For tickets and more information about Gray Area, please visit the Aurora Theatre’s website.