Love and Madness in a Time of Recession: Impulse Repertory Presents Madea


Upstart theatre company, Impulse Repertory Co., proves its penchant for the impulsive by diving headlong into a theatrical production of Euripides classic tale of love and revenge, Medea, running October 28 and 29 at 8 p.m. at the Alliance Theatre’s Black Box Space, Woodruff Arts Center, 3rd floor. Tickets are sold at the door for a $10 suggested donation, cash only.

Impulse Repertory Co. is an upstart theatre company newly formed by actress and director, Kara Cantrell, along with producer Rachel Jones, and director Justin Anderson whose mission is to produce provocative, intimate performances that nurture the actor-audience relationship.

The company is producing Medea, the story of a sorceress who murders her own children to get back at her cheating husband, with no budget, no space of its own, and just enough punk pluck to barter its way into the Woodruff Arts Center.

Set in the grim cell of a mental ward, the production seeks to make the often lofty tale and its language more accessible to modern audiences and sharpen the focus on the title character’s terrible deeds by portraying them onstage rather than off as is the tradition for many Greek plays, and using a lead actress (Cantrell) who is, herself, quite pregnant to up the stakes on the often-violent action.

The cast also includes Chad Martin as Jason, Josie Burgin Lawson as Creon, and newcomer Andrew Hibbs in the role of the Orderly, a conglomeration of several of Euripides’ original characters. Anderson directs and Jones adapted the script from the translation by E.P. Coleridge.