Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show – An Atlanta Theater Fans Review

The Rocky Horror Show at Atlanta's Fabrefaction Theatre Company

Photo courtesy of Fabrefaction Theatre

Forget about theater etiquette and join in on the action with Fabrefaction Theatre’s Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show. Performed with a Christmas twist, the musical provides an entertaining and fun way to ring in the holidays whether you are a seasoned Rocky Horror veteran or a Rocky Horror “virgin.”

Just like the midnight movie theater showings, audiences are encouraged to participate in the show by shouting out comments and a few other interactive features. Audience members can even purchase participation kits that contain items such as a water guns, playing cards and newspapers. For those unfamiliar with the interactive portions of the evening, directions are provided with the kit. Further encouraging the rowdy nature of the show, cast members heckle the audience before the show.

To add the holiday cheer, a lavish holiday design consumes the stage, which is filled with presents, ornaments and a candy cane chair for Frank-N-Furter. Even the band gets into the spirit by donning reindeer antlers. In addition, the cast members have festive attire, designed by Christina Hoff. A highlight of the costumes is the Santa-themed teddy worn by Frank-N-Furter. Both Janet (Caleigh Allen) and Brad’s (Trey Getz) early costumes also are fitting for the season.

Director Christina Hoff’s quick-paced production showcases the talents of several cast members. While it may be easy to get distracted by the interactive nature of the production, the actors do not miss a beat. As the narrator Dave Lauby easily handles the comments from the audience and lets his dry wit create humorous moments.

As Frank-N-Furter, Jake Mullen steals the show. From his show-stopping “Sweet Transvestite” to “I’m Going Home” his performance becomes the heart of the show. Quick witted and bitingly sarcastic, Mullen creates a character that immediately becomes an audience favorite.

Both Getz and Allen play their roles perfectly. Getz’s geeky charm and strong vocals provide a solid foundation for the show. As his counterpart, Allen shows the right mix of naiveté, “blondness” and emotion. Her performance of “Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me” highlights her abilities to entertain the audience while Getz shines in “Once In A While.”

For a couple of hours of hilariously strange theater, time warp down to Farbrefaction Theater to see the holiday spectacular production of Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show. Each performance runs about two hours including an intermission. The show plays through December 23. For tickets and more information, please visit Fabrefaction Theatre’s website.

– Kenny Norton