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Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show – An Atlanta Theater Fans Review

The Rocky Horror Show at Atlanta's Fabrefaction Theatre Company

Photo courtesy of Fabrefaction Theatre

Forget about theater etiquette and join in on the action with Fabrefaction Theatre’s Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show. Performed with a Christmas twist, the musical provides an entertaining and fun way to ring in the holidays whether you are a seasoned Rocky Horror veteran or a Rocky Horror “virgin.”

Just like the midnight movie theater showings, audiences are encouraged to participate in the show by shouting out comments and a few other interactive features. Audience members can even purchase participation kits that contain items such as a water guns, playing cards and newspapers. For those unfamiliar with the interactive portions of the evening, directions are provided with the kit. Further encouraging the rowdy nature of the show, cast members heckle the audience before the show.

To add the holiday cheer, a lavish holiday design consumes the stage, which is filled with presents, ornaments and a candy cane chair for Frank-N-Furter. Even the band gets into the spirit by donning reindeer antlers. In addition, the cast members have festive attire, designed by Christina Hoff. A highlight of the costumes is the Santa-themed teddy worn by Frank-N-Furter. Both Janet (Caleigh Allen) and Brad’s (Trey Getz) early costumes also are fitting for the season.

Director Christina Hoff’s quick-paced production showcases the talents of several cast members. While it may be easy to get distracted by the interactive nature of the production, the actors do not miss a beat. As the narrator Dave Lauby easily handles the comments from the audience and lets his dry wit create humorous moments.

As Frank-N-Furter, Jake Mullen steals the show. From his show-stopping “Sweet Transvestite” to “I’m Going Home” his performance becomes the heart of the show. Quick witted and bitingly sarcastic, Mullen creates a character that immediately becomes an audience favorite.

Both Getz and Allen play their roles perfectly. Getz’s geeky charm and strong vocals provide a solid foundation for the show. As his counterpart, Allen shows the right mix of naiveté, “blondness” and emotion. Her performance of “Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me” highlights her abilities to entertain the audience while Getz shines in “Once In A While.”

For a couple of hours of hilariously strange theater, time warp down to Farbrefaction Theater to see the holiday spectacular production of Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show. Each performance runs about two hours including an intermission. The show plays through December 23. For tickets and more information, please visit Fabrefaction Theatre’s website.

- Kenny Norton


  1. JohnDoe says:

    Saw the show this past weekend. Seeing it again closing night and bringing friends. Loved it. I agree with the user reviews- Magenta was the highlight of the show. Her voice is remarkable. One of the best I have heard in Atlanta.
    But where is the love for the ensemble and Columbia? Their dancing and car making abilities (only ensemble) should be mentioned! Everyone should go and check this show for multiple reasons. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Samuel Mason says:

    Anonymous, Hi and Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. After re-reading my comment I actually did believe it to be mistaken as not in the spirit that I had intended. And for this I am so very sorry. So theatre goers please accept my humblest apology as it was not what I should have said as a rebuttal. A fact that we all can agree on and I am sure is that the show is full of so many very talented performers. Thanks again, And yes Great Job ROCKY HORROR !!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Samuel,

    Everyone in that show did a fabulous job whenever I saw it, and deserve high praise for all of their hard work. That being said, please stop putting down other actor’s performances to try and make you friend feel better. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. This review was intended to uplift the show during its run, and it cannot fulfill its purpose with others putting out negative energy. So to the ENTIRE cast of Rocky Horror GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  4. Samuel Mason says:

    Not sure exactly which show commenter 4 did see. But I happen to know as a fact that Magenta is classically trained and has not ever “screamed” during a performance EVER. Her angelic voice is not only by far the best on the stage, but in all honesty has no compare in Atlanta. To highlight that point I would wager a fare amount to see in lets say 3 years from now where Magenta is (Broadway or Hollywood likely) vs the other 4. My guess is that they will still be doing community theatre. And oh yes I do agree with the assessment that “Maybe the reviewer was being nice”.

  5. Ron Murphy says:

    The actress who played Magenta does have a sensational voice, but at the performance I attended she seemed to be screaming instead of singing most of the time. The actor playing Riff Raff was good, but not all that memorable. Brad and Janet were excellent. It takes more than a powerful voice to perform in a musical and those two performers were the best I’ve ever seen in a stage production of the show. How can Magenta and Riff Riff be left out of the review? Maybe the reviewer was being nice. Regardless, this staging is amazing and a lot of fun. Bravo Fabrefaction!

  6. Michael F says:

    I completely agree with Sara Hart! It is criminal that Riff Raff and Magenta were not mentioned in the above review. Riff had some serious vocals going on. And to steal a phrase from Hart,”where HAVE you been, Waldman?’ The Atlanta theater world has been hungry for a girl like you!!! Every time that green goddess opened her mouth my whole body quaked with antici.. pation. Her Magenta was magnificent- and in my humble opinion, the clear standout.

  7. Samuel Mason says:

    I quite agree w/Sara Hart. Where the hell is the love for jennifer waldman ? If this production was staged in NYC i would bank serious dollars that ms waldman would be the one getting all the ink. She can belt a tune with anyone.

  8. Sara Hart says:

    Love this theatre, love, but how how how can you review this show without including Magenta and Riff Raff?? Charmingly wicked and suspiciously manipulative, the Transylvanian siblings pulled the show along, a constant undercurrant of purpose for the seemingly bizarre set of events. Great makeup and sexy costumes aside, their performances were excellent, consistent and slightly creepy. And now for the obvious. Magenta (Waldman) can sing. That woman can sing like nobody’s business. Everytime she opened her mouth new levels of soaring notes, sassy execution, and ‘in your face’ vocal delivery made me (and from the audience shoutouts, everyone else) wonder… where have you been, Waldman? Superb.