JibJam Productions Presents Faith Healer by Bryan Friel February 15 to March 24


Faith HealerJibJam Productions formed in January of 2012. Faith Healer is its first production.

This production was born in Haiti. After returning from a work solidarity trip to Haiti in October of 2010, Bryan Davis, founder of JibJam, felt compelled to try and support the NGO he visited by producing a show and attempting to raise funds for the NGO. In November of 2010, Mr. Davis began approaching actors and directors about mounting the show Faith Healer. Mr. Davis had performed the Frank Hardy role in February of 2002 with Theater Gael (John Stephens – Teddy, Monica Williamson- Grace Hardy).

It didn’t happen.

Mr. Davis returned to Haiti in October of 2011. He purchased Haitian art to sell at an upcoming production (Faith Healer), hoping to cultivate relationships with Haitian visual artists as well.

“My thought was to create a relationship between artists here in Atlanta with Haitian visual artists. Artists supporting artists. I wanted to create a market for the art created by some of the people I met on my trips to Haiti. I was determined to make the theatre production a reality after this trip as well, and somehow connect my experiences in Haiti with my love of the craft of acting”, said Mr. Davis. “What I didn’t expect to do was to actually start a production company – JibJam -, yet events seemed to lead me this way. Soon after my return from Haiti, I learned some news about the NGO I visited that made me not want to support it any longer. That is why we are making an effort to support the Atlanta Public Schools that serve our neighborhood. JibJam has decided to support this community. We are bringing it local.”

JibJam audiences are encouraged to use promotion codes when purchasing tickets to Faith Healer: “Mary Lin”, “Inman”, “Grady”. JibJam will donate up to $1,000 each to Mary Lin Elementary, Inman Middle, and Grady High School. Audience members can also support the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern and The Academy Theater by using the promo codes “Tavern”, or “Academy”. When audience members use the promo codes when purchasing tickets at http://www.jibjam.org/, $1 for each ticket bought for performances on Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday will be donated back to the school or theater. $3 per ticket will be donated to the schools and theaters for Friday and Saturday performances.

“I also want to offer a deal to all public school teachers, police and fire personnel. I will be talking with representatives of these groups to set up a discount for them,” says Mr. Davis.

Rehearsal took an interesting twist for JibJam for this production. They lost the actress playing Grace Hardy on the first day of rehearsal. At Kyle Crew’s suggestion, they hired Lisa Blankenship based in Brooklyn, New York. She accepted the role. She has been rehearsing via Skype.

“Skype rehearsing is a challenge. You get a lot of dropped signals. Yet the process has worked. We have all been struck at Ms. Blankenship’s ability to convey Grace Hardy thru Skype. I am really looking forward to seeing Ms. Blankenship perform in person; her performance has been powerful over Skype…in person she might just be phenomenal!” says Davis.