Aurora Funny Fridays features Award-Winning Comic on March16

Tom Simmons at Atlanta's Aurora Theatre Funny Fridays

Tom Simmons. Photo courtesy of Aurora Theatre

Aurora Theatre Funny Fridays continues club comedy performances on the square in downtown Lawrenceville with nationally renowned comedian Tom Simmons.Simmons is the 2009 San Francisco Comedy Competition Winner, an event from which talents like Robin Williams and Ellen DeGeneres rose to fame and a two-time finalist at the Boston Comedy Festival. Opening is the new permanent host of Aurora TheatreFunny Fridays, comedienne Debra Cole an Atlanta favorite. See them both on March 16, with shows at 7:15 and 9:15 PM.

About Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons is genuinely smart, deeply caring and outrageously funny – all at the same time. Tom is not afraid to strip long held beliefs of their credibility with an unprecedented blend of searing logic and great jokes. He questions everything and everyone, respectfully, but he pulls no punches. In everyday situations as a father and husband, TV consumer, grocery shopper, tourist, arm-chair philosopher and average bystander, he finds comedy wherever he takes a good look.

“I’m a likable misanthrope, a contrarian who believes we are doing it all wrong. And it’s just fun pointing that out through jokes”, says Simmons. Over the years, he has earned the respect of other comedians and his audience for his originality and depth.

Funny Fridays at AuroraTheatre continues on Friday, March 16 at 7:15 and 9:15 p.m. with Tom Simmons. Tickets are $15. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 678-226-6222 or visit