Theatre in the Square Closes Its Doors


Theatre in the Square, which was celebrating its 30th season, has become a casualty to the funding crisis that theaters have faced. The theatre has closed its doors and has started to lay off its staff.

The theater recently ran a successful fundraising campaign, and it was in the middle of another one. However, the debt load of the theater became too great to overcome.

“After three days of board deliberations and financial analysis, we have decided that it is not feasible for us to finish our current season or launch a 31st season. We simply do not have the money,” theater board chair Mike Russell stated.

While the theater has raised part of the $400,000 needed to pay off the debt, the board does not believe that the additional funds needed to continue the season or begin the next one will be raised. In effort to show support for the theater, the city of Marietta also gave it a $30,000 donation, but the board declined the contribution.

“The Board wants to thank everyone who has stepped up over the past year to give cash contributions,” says Russell. “We would not have been able to carry out the first few plays of the season if those donations had not been made. They were fantastic performances worthy of the support.”

Arrangements for a ticket swap with other local theaters are being explored for those who have subscriptions or have already purchased tickets to remaining shows this season.

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