Quick Chat With Ring of Fire’s Jeremy Wood


Jeremy Wood, Scott DePoy and Chris Irwin in Ring of Fire. Photo by Stephanie Slusser

Ring of Fire, a musical show that celebrates the music of Johnny Cash has opened at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. It features an ensemble of actors and musicians. The cast includes Scott DePoy, J.R. Hawkins, Denise Hillis, Chris Irwin, Tracy Vaden Moore, Mark Schroeder, and Jeremy Wood. Atlanta Theater Fans has had a chance to ask cast member Jeremy Wood, who many may remember in his Suzi Award winning role in Aurora Theatre’s Singin’ in the Rain, a few questions. He discusses the musical, his favorite Johnny Cash songs and more.


What character do you play in Ring of Fire?

Well, the unique thing about Ring of Fire is that there are no characters. We all pretty much play ourselves and at times will speak on behalf of John, June, and a few other important people from his life.

What is your favorite moment in the show?

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”

What three adjectives describe your experience with this production?

Gritty, Therapeutic, Redemptive 

What do you like best about the cast in this production?

Their determination to approach this music with honesty and integrity.  There’s only one Johnny Cash and none of us are going to try to put on an impersonation show for two hours.  That leaves the happiness and love and pain that Johnny wrote so well, and this cast shows a lot of respect for the man.

Georgia Esemble Theatre

Tracy Vaden Moore, Scott DePoy, Mark Schroeder, Denise Hillis, Chris Irwin, and Jeremy Wood in Ring of Fire. Photo by Stephanie Slusser

What can audiences expect when they see Ring of Fire?

John’s music was a pretty good reflection of his own life, so audiences will get to follow the experiences of his life  through the music that he wrote and leave with a clear idea of who he was deep down.  

What is your favorite song in the musical?

“Folsom Prison”… it’s just rock and roll, plain and simple.

What is your favorite Johnny Cash song?

That’s tough… it’s a toss-up between “Boy Named Sue” and “Ballad of a Teenage Queen.”  I like the story songs a lot. 

What is your next project?

Later this Summer I’m working at The Stage Door in their production of High Society.  I’ll be playing C.K. Dexter-Haven – a role played by Bing Crosby and Cary Grant – so I’m pretty excited about that one!


Ring of Fire, a tribute to Johnny Cash, runs though April 29 at the Georgia Ensemble Theatre. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website.