Quick Chat with Sketch MacQuinor of The Game is Afoot


Get ready for a puppet show like you have never seen before with The Game is Afoot: A Sherlock Holmes Puppet Parody! at the Academy Theatre. This show follows the adventures of Grippon Meyer and his side kick Dr. Basil Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme as they fight evil in the modern Victorian Steampunk England! In this Quick Chat, Sketch MacQuinor (writer, co-producer of the puppet portion of the show) discusses how the show came to be and much more.

Some have described the show as vaudevillian. Is that a good assessment?
It’s a comedy show with a lot of music and a Victorian feel. We have a talented in-house band called the Gin Rebellion who draws a lot of inspiration from Vaudeville’s roots. Plus, it’s being done for the most part for the fun of it with little in the way of compensation unless we sell out both nights.

What three words would you use to describe the show?
Comedy. Music. Steampunk.

What inspired the creation of the show?
There wasn’t room for the “Game is Afoot” puppet shorts at Steamfest so Robert Drake at the Academy Theater organized a show for us here in June. Since I had a big night all to myself, I asked a bunch of folks to come out and perform, like the “Two Tenacious Tindales” who have been away from musical theater since their first child was born, and “Two and a Half Blades,” a group of performers I’ve worked with at the Renaissance Festival who’ve been working on a comedy swordplay show and needed a venue to try it at. Also, my friend Lisa Stock of “In By the Eye” finished her video piece “The Jules Verne Project” and it hasn’t been shown in Atlanta yet, and this seemed a perfect opportunity. And the Gin Rebellion is always great to have in a show.

What is it like to work with the cast of the show?
They have the biggest hearts, the most patience, and cleverest minds I’ve encountered. I certainly couldn’t do the show without them or their enthusiasm. And the new acts I’m working with are a delight. Everybody is very friendly and humble, as they’d have to be for a show of this nature.

 What can audiences expect when they come see the show?
A good investment of their time. We put together a show with talented, experienced performers that will be solid entertainment from start to finish.

Do you have a favorite part of the show? 
The laughter of the audience is the most gratifying part of a show to me, especially the really big laughs by a handful of people at the obscure jokes that shows they were worth including. Mostly I’m just glad to give a lot of folks a new venue to perform in.

Are there any other parodies in the future? 
I’m always doing parodies of some sort since farce seems to be my wheelhouse. I’m working on more serious and original scripts, but I’m always doing some fun satire somewhere. If this show goes amazingly well and everyone involved is elated at the prospect of more, we’ll try to arrange a new show for August.

The Game is Afoot plays at the Academy Theatre June 9 and 10. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website.