Ingrid Cole’s Nomination Morning Recap


I woke up to a Facebook notification email because Dustin Lewis tagged me. I looked real quick to see what it was. I was hoping there would have been ONE review for Gypsy. What am I supposed to embroider on my pillow next to my See What I Want to See (“Cole proves herself to be Atlanta’s answer to Tyne Daly”) pillow?

Then when I realized what it was, I rushed to open Facebook and see everyone who was nominated!!! I was like, “Marcie and Jill better be on there. YES!”

Then I came to my category; deep breath…Kylie Brown (Duh), Ingrid Cole (Whew), Laura Floyd (I still hate you), and some chick named Diane R. Mitchell. Who the heck is Diane R. Mitchell?….and why didn’t I see the audition notice for Sweeney Todd! Then I looked this chick up on Facebook. Uh Oh….she’s pretty. And thin. Good smile. Shit!

Then, I emailed my sister and mother and told my girlfriend who showered me with kisses.

Then, I was overcome with pride as I read the rest of the list. I am proud to be in this community….Wait….Was Motherhood the Musical in that list? Damn.

– Ingrid Cole

Last year’s winner for the Atlanta Theater Fan Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, Ingrid was nominated this year for Best Actress in a Musical for the role of Rose in Gypsy at Atlanta Lyric Theatre.