Quick Chat with Sweet Charity’s Trent Blanton and Rebecca Simon

Atlanta's Aurora Theater presents Sweet Charity

Rebecca Simon and Trent Blanton in Sweet Charity. Photo by Chris Bartelski

Both Trent Blanton and Rebecca Simon star in Aurora Theatre’s presentation of Sweet Chartiy. It represents a return to Atlanta for Blanton, who is from Canton, and provides a chance for this husband and wife team to work together. In this Quick Chat feature, both of them discuss the musical as well as working with each other.

What three words would you use to describe Sweet Charity?
Rebecca and Trent: Sexy. Inventive. Quirky.

What do you enjoy most about working with Aurora Theatre?
Rebecca and Trent: Strong supportive staff and producers. Wonderful community support. Fantastic audiences. Great facility and SUPERB tequila!

What character(s) do you play?
Trent: I play all of the men in Charity’s life. Our idea is that she keeps falling for the same type of guy.
Rebecca: Where do I even begin??? Charity is a hot mess! Sweet, idealistic and a charming…hot mess!

For Trent, is it challenging to play multiple roles?
Trent: It is a challenge to make them distinct and different. It was a blast to create.

What do you enjoy most about performing in Sweet Charity?
Trent: Getting to play the different characters and not having to dance!! Lol.

Sweet Charity at Atlanta's Aurora Theatre

Rebecca Simon and Trent Blanton. Photo by: Chris Bartelski

What is your favorite moment in the musical?
Rebecca and Trent: Watching Jimi Kocina make out with the mural on the wall. No doubt.

What number do you enjoy performing the most?
Rebecca and Trent: “The Rhythm of Life.” Hands down!

If you could give the musical a movie poster tag line, what would it be?
Rebecca and Trent: Baby…dream your dream!!!

For Trent, how is it being back in Atlanta?
Trent: It is an absolute joy to be back home in Atlanta. I am so delighted to be working with so many old friends. It has been such a great experience to be making new friends as well. Every moment has been pure joy

Are you able to work together oftern, and do you enjoy it?
Rebecca and Trent: We have played opposite each other on numerous occasions. Billy and Julie in Carousel. Eva and Peron in Evita. Masha and Vershinin in The Three Sisters. And two characters in Jean Genet’s The Balcony. I don’t remember their names. Very strange play about a brothel. You know, children’s theatre. It’s always been a pleasure to play opposite her. She magnificent. Graceful. Poised. Beautiful. And she has great taste in men. Rebecca says “ditto.”

Sweet Charity plays through September 2 at the Aurora Theatre. For tickets and more information, visit the theater’s website or call 678-226-6222.