Quick Chat with Dracula: The Rock Opera’s Chris Love

Dracula: The Rock Opera's Chris Love

Photo courtesy of Chris Love

Experience the story of Dracula in new way with Dracula: The Rock Opera at 7 Stages. This production brings Bram Stoker’s chilling novel to life with sex, blood, and rock & roll with stunning visual effects, sultry choreography, and a live band. In our latest Quick Chat with actor and composer Chris Love, find out how the production took shape and a few “bites” about the show.

How would you describe the music of the show?

The music of Dracula: The Rock Opera is comprised of guitar-driven rock and roll with peeks and valleys that range from funk to metal.

How did the music and story take shape?

First, Rob Thompson went chapter by chapter, pulling what lines stood out to him as the heart of the story. Then, he would describe the scene he envisioned to whomever was writing the music (if it wasn’t him). Then, whoever was writing the music usually took it home for a few days and then brought it back for Rob’s approval.  Many times Naomi Lavender or I would go in and help with the vocal melody on Rob or Sam’s material.

What character do you play in the show?

I play Jonathan Harker. I think he is best described by one of his lyrics, which goes “I’m a good man and a true man. With courage I face my fears, or may I be God damned.”

What is your favorite moment in show?

I honestly couldn’t say only because there are so many things to like musically, and now, with the direction of Del and Justin certain songs that before where great are now for lack of a better word amazing.

What makes 7 Stages a good fit for the show?

7 stages is the most community-committed theater company in Georgia hands down, constantly reaching out to every generation that exists around it. This whole production, from conception to fruition, has taken a village to raise it, so what better place for an original to take its first flight than 7 Stages. Plus we love them. : )

How is the show different from other versions of the story?

The main difference is that it is 90 percent word-for-word from the book. The story has not been altered, and there is no extra love story. Musically, this show actually gets “Rock and Roll” – dark, heavy, gloomy, evil, looming…. no piano in this rock opera.

What three adjective would you use to describe the production?

Heavy, Sexy, Juicy

What would be this show’s movie poster tag line?

What doesn’t kill you makes you hunger.

Will watching this show make me want to leave my lights on at night?

: ) I guess that would depend on the person. But, it will certainly invade your dreams.

Why should audiences see Dracula: The Rock Opera?

Alice Cooper said he was coming.

The world premiere of Dracula: The Rock Opera, directed by Del Hamilton, plays at 7 Stages from September 14 to October 14, 2012. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website.