Quick Chat with Time Stands Still’s Carolyn Cook

Time Stands Still at Atlanta's Horizon Theatre

Carolyn Cook in Time Stands Still. Photo by Horizon Theatre

In Time Stands Still Sarah and James, a photojournalist and foreign correspondent who have been documenting the realities of war, return home after a bomb blast in Iraq, their relationship of nearly a decade becomes threatened in a tug-of-war between returning to their dangerous, exhilarating careers and downshifting to the contentment of family life. Discover more about the play and the character of Sarah in our Quick Chat with actress Carolyn Cook.

What three words would you use to describe the play?

Compelling, intelligent, thought-provoking

Which character do you play?

Sarah Goodwin, a photojournalist who is passionate about capturing the truth through images, particularly in situations of war and disaster.

What relationship issues are prevalent in the play?

Relationships between human beings who love each other but want different things, but also relationships with their careers and their connection to the world at large.

How does your character face these issues?

She faces them, I think, very bravely and ultimately very honestly, but that’s not easy to do. It takes time to figure out how to live with integrity in all of these relationships. I think that’s what she’s doing over the course of the play.

What do you enjoy most about playing her?

I enjoy everything – how can I choose? Initially I was drawn to the writing. This is a funny, witty, smart, strong woman. But now that I’m in the process, I love everything – working with the director Lisa Adler and these particular actors (Chris Kayser, Robin Bloodworth, Ann Marie Gideon), being at Horizon, the design.

What makes working with this cast enjoyable?

Besides their obvious skill, they are generous, funny, smart people, and it’s delightful to go to work every day.

What would the show’s movie poster tag line be?

Life is not a snapshot.

Why should audiences see this play?

Because it involves both your mind and heart and really speaks to a modern person’s relationship with living a private life in a global society. I also think every character in the play has a different world view and cares about the others very much. Audience members can’t help but find someone to relate to.

Time Stands Still plays at Horizon Theatre through October 14, 2012 at Horizon Theatre. For tickets and more information, please visit the theatre’s website.