Quick Chat with Diva’s Dasie Thames


The Divas: Kylie Brown, Dasie Thames and Alison Brannon Wilhoit. Photo by Breeanne Clowdus

The ladies of A Diva’s Christmas continue to amaze sold-out audiences throughout the Atlanta area. This hilarious holiday show performs at various restaurants. Directed by Brian Clowdus with book by Rachel Teagle and music direction by Seth Davis, it features the holiday classics you love and more. In this Quick Chat feature Dasie Thames discusses the show, her role and more.

What three words describe the show?
Spicy, fun, and unexpected.

What is the most enjoyable part of performing in the show?
The best part of the show is getting to work with such talented and humble artists.  I’ve worked with them all in other productions, and they are the type of talent who “show up” each time we perform.  The chemistry that audiences see on stage is very real.  Seth Davis is awesome.  I know that I speak on behalf of so many in the Atlanta theater community when I say that he is a true class act and so freaking nice to work with.  Brian Clowdus is one of the most creative and innovative directors in the Atlanta area.  He’s created a forum for up and coming writers, singers, actors and even established artist to develop and stretch their ideas of art.  He was the first person to give me a chance on a real stage, and I’m forever grateful.  I love my Daddy Diva!  I just wish he would put on a dress and get one stage with us!  That would be epic!

What do enjoy performing the most?
That’s a hard one.  There are several moments in the show where I feel extremely connected to the song, audience, and cast mates simultaneously.  I can’t pinpoint a favorite.

How would you describe you cast mates?
Sisters.  We each come with different styles and approaches to performance.  Our stage personas are exaggerations of what people consider divas: sassy, arrogant, bossy, over-confident, super sexual, unnecessarily competitive and sometimes just bitchy.  But, offstage we are the exact opposite.  Allison is sweet and talkative.  She’s very smart and connected unlike her aloof persona in the show.  Kylie is an earthy person who is more comfortable in flats, no makeup, and jeans than her character’s super glam and overly sexual style.

What is the funniest part of the show to you?
My “santa issues.”  LOL.  You’ll have to see the show to understand.

Name four songs that audiences enjoy?
“River” performed by The Amazing Kylie Brown
“Let Me Be Your Star” my favo group number
“Forget Your Troubles/Happy Days” performed by me and Kylie Brown
“Christmas” performed by Allison (her diva debut)

Is it challenging to perform in different venues?
The challenge comes in trying to remember where the heck we are supposed to be each night.  LOL. Traffic can be a challenge but in the end, the cast and energy is consistent so it’s always worth it.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I have created a personal tradition of serving the homeless and hungry on Christmas morning, and then heading to Waffle House for breakfast. So un-diva like, but it works for me.

A Diva’s Christmas runs through December 21, 2012. For tickets, schedule and more information, please visit Serenbe Playhouse’s website.