Quick Chat with Two Winter Wonderettes


Amanda Wilborn and Alexandra Duncan along with Mandy Mitchell and Katie Patterson in Winter Wonderettes. Photo courtesy of The Legacy Theatre

Jump into the holiday spirit with Winter Wonderettes, a sequal to The Marvelous Wonderettes, at The Legacy Theatre. The musical, a light and fun show, features the Christmas songs you love and some you may not have heard in a while. In this Quick Chat feature, Amanda Wilborn, who plays Betty Jean, and Alexandra Duncan, who plays Cindy Lou, discuss the show, its appeal and more.

Amanda Wilborn

What three words would you use to  describe Winter Wonderettes?
Clever, energetic, heart-warming

What would the show’s movie poster tag line  be?
A Hilarious Holiday Happening

What is your favorite song to perform in  the show?
“New Year’s Eve.” It’s one of my favorite holiday songs and the motivation behind the song for this show is hilarious!

What makes this show a good fit for The Legacy Theatre?
It’s a great family show, so it’s perfect for parents, grandparents, and children.  The songs and humor reach all generations.

What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday  musical or play?
The classic movie White Christmas of course!  All those hits, the fabulous dancing, and those four extraordinary stars. Does that count?

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Watching A Christmas Story with my Dad and reading the story of Jesus’ birth to all my little cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Alexandra Duncan

How would you describe your character Cindy Lou?
All four of the girls are classic archetypes from that time. I play Cindy Lou – the token “sexy/prom queen/mean girl.” She is definitely very sassy and very feisty, which is a new and very fun challenge for me!

What three words would you use to describe your cast mates?
Supportive, energetic, hilarious – these girls are wonderful, we have an absolute blast together, and they inspire me so much!

What is your favorite moment in the show?
My favorite moments are watching my castmates rock the humor in this show – they go above and beyond every night to make each joke land – doing it 10 times better than I could have even imagined. If I had to pick one moment, I think it would be “Santa Baby” – having an audience member on stage to play with us always makes for excellent comedy, especially when they have family in the audience!

What song do you enjoy performing the most?
I would have to say “Christmas Cliches” – The song itself is absolutely beautiful and it’s really the only time that my character, Cindy Lou, gets to break out of her mold. However, I also really enjoy “This Christmas” and “Run, Run, Rudolph” because Bethany Hayes Smith (Suzi nomination for Joseph this past summer) gave us some awesome choreography!

What Christmas carol means the most to you?
“Silent Night.” It’s not one that’s in our show, but it means the most to me. I was fortune enough to know great-grandmother for 9 years before she passed away in 1998. “Silent Night” was her favorite Christmas song (although she always sang it in German)! 15 years later, and it still makes my entire family tear up at Christmas Eve mass!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I have spent every Christmas of my life with family in my hometown which I love, but my favorite holiday tradition has to be watching the musical 7 Brides for 7 Brothers every Thanksgiving! Even this year, when I spent Thanksgiving apart from the majority of my family, I put it on and sent out a mass text to let them know I was watching and that I love them!

Winter Wonderettes plays at The Legacy Theatre through December 16, 2012. For tickets and more information, please visit www.thelegacytheatre.org.