Atlanta Fringe Festival Announces New Sponsorship by 7 Stages


Atlanta Fringe FestivalThe Atlanta Fringe Festival is thrilled to announce that 7 Stages, already a venue sponsor and participant, has substantially increased their sponsorship and will serve as AFF’s public and administrative headquarters during the Festival’s run this June. In addition to hosting Fringe Central, the renowned local company will be providing performance space in their mainstage and black box theatres, as well as hosting the opening and closing night celebrations. The 2nd Annual Atlanta Fringe Festival, featuring twenty-four productions from ten states, will take place June 5 to 9, 2013.

This new Fringe Central hub at 7 Stages will provide audience members and participants with a headquarters for Festival information conveniently located in the vibrant Little Five Points neighborhood, with all other venues a short drive away. In addition to 7 Stages, Fringe artists will be performing at the nearby Theatrical Outfit, Village Theatre and in two spaces at The Horizons School on Dekalb Avenue.

“We are beyond ecstatic about this!” said AFF Executive Director Diana Brown. “7 Stages is an awesome pillar in the arts community, they’re in a great location for out-of-towners and locals alike to explore, and having a central location where you can find Fringe tickets, merch, artists, shows, and parties is something we didn’t think we’d have for a few years more. Having that just made our Fringe easier to navigate, easier to engage with, and easier to enjoy. If there weren’t laws against it, I might totally take my shirt off for 7 Stages right now, and spin it around my head like a helicopter. It’s not weird.”

In addition, the Festival is also thrilled to have East Atlanta Copy Center return as a festival sponsor for the second year in a row.  As Official Print Sponsor of the Atlanta Fringe Festival they will provide discounted services to Festival artists, giving relief to their already-strained budgets.

Those interested are encouraged to follow AFF on Twitter (@AtlantaFringe), Facebook ( and Tumblr ( where they will find new announcements, volunteer opportunities, and lots of parody rap lyrics.

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