Feature Q & A | Greg Bosworth Hits the Road

Stephanie Friedman and Greg Bosworth at the 2012 Suzi Bass Awards.

Stephanie Friedman and Greg Bosworth at the 2012 Suzi Bass Awards.

Atlanta Theater Fans was able to catch up with Atlanta actor Greg Bosworth, who is in the national tour of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. You may have seen him at theaters around the city in shows such as Spring Awakening at Actor’s Express (2012 Atlanta Theater Fan Award Winner for Best Featured Actor), Clyde ‘n’ Bonnie: A Folktale and The Drowsy Chaperone at Aurora Theatre.  Since May he has been in the company for Buddy and will be a part the show into the spring of next year.  In this Feature Q & A, he discusses participating in his first national tour, the show and his future plans.


Have you ever been in a traveling production before?
Just one, but not on the same scale. Two summers ago I did a touring children’s show in Argentina that was pretty difficult. It was four cast members and one manager/driver. We did everything – moved all the scenery and lights, were the crew, the actors and the ushers. It was just one van up and down the country side, which was great to see the country, but doing the work was difficult.

Do you like or dislike touring?

I am having a great time so far. This is my first national tour. I don’t have any preconceived notions about doing a U.S. national equity tour. I am having a lot of fun. I have been to three cities I have never been to before.

Have you had explored the cities any during a tour stop?

We were in Boise last week, and we had a free day. The hotel said we could call this number and order some bikes for the day, and six or seven of us said, “Yeah, that’s great.” We got some bikes and went along this green belt bike trail, and we saw the bluest skies and mountain ranges in the distance everywhere you turn. The scenery was really cool.

I have never seen or heard of the Mall of America before we were in St. Paul. When we arrived, we went to this mall that has a theme park in the middle of it. So, we went there, and it was really cool to see that and shop for hours and hours and still have more of the mall to see.

Is touring exhausting?

Truthfully, I am still trying to figure that out. I woke up this morning and was like man I can’t get out this bed. I am not doing that much activity, but I think that going to a bunch of cities and being a part of a show is exhausting in itself even though I am not doing much. There’s a lot of mental stimulation going on, and I think it is mostly that. We are still figuring out the show ourselves, and I have a lot of understudy work to do.  Also, traveling in itself. There are days we are traveling ten hours some days – on a flight and then another flight and then a few hours on a bus.

What understudy role do you play?

I am only understudying Jerry Allison, the drummer.

Are you also in the ensemble?

I am in the show every single night. I play Dion from Dion and the Belmonts, and I play the drums for “Shout.” And I am radio DJ and a photographer as well.

Are you a drummer?

Yes, I am. I told a story last night during a talk back when somebody asked if we were all musicians or are we all actors first. We basically told him we have to be a little of everything. When I went in to audition for the show, there was a full drum set, a stand up bass, piano and I brought my guitar. They said, “What do you play?”

I told the audience last night that a lot of us play a lot more instruments that we play in the show. I auditioned with the guitar at first, and then I got the drum set and played the drums. I have been doing that since I was 11.

Does everyone play their own instruments?

Everyone plays the instrument in the show. There is no instrumental tracking at all. We play all the music.

Does playing live on stage add any more pressure?

I don’t think there is that much more pressure. Since we are all musicians too and have played in bands. That has kind of taken the pressure off.

Would you do another national tour?

I think I would. At this point, I am having a great time.

Are you looking for something beyond the Atlanta stage?

I am not really sure. After this tour, I am going to go back to Atlanta. If I keep getting work there, then I will stay, and if I get opportunities elsewhere, I will go where the wind takes me.

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