Update on Theater of the Stars – Dreamgirls Cancelled


The Save Theater of the Stars campaign did not reach its phase 1 goal of $500,000 by July 12,2013, but the company is pursuing intermediary plans. The fundraising efforts will continue and donations can be made by visiting www.theaterofthestars.com or by calling 404-252-8960.

To that end, the company has cancelled Dreamgirls. Theater of the Stars is in discussions with investors to support the production of The Little Mermaid. Theater of the Stars is reviewing its options regarding Anything Goes.

On Monday, July 15, The Fox Theatre terminated its lease with Theater of the Stars and both parties agreed to move forward with an at-will usage arrangement. The termination of the lease allows The Fox Theatre to begin to fill the vacancies created by the cancellation of Dreamgirls.

Details will be released regarding The Little Mermaid. Information regarding the refund of single tickets for Dreamgirls can be found by visiting the Fox Theatre website at www.foxtheatre.org.