Quick Chat with Adam Fristoe from Actor’s Express’ Venus in Fur

Atlanta Theater Actor Adam Fristoe

Adam Fristoe. Photo courtesy of Actor’s Express

Adam Fristoe stars in Actor’s Express’ production of this Broadway comedy Venus in Fur. In this quick chat, he discusses playing the role of Thomas Novacheck, his costar Veronika Duerr and more.


How would you describe Venus in Fur?

Vanda is a talented young actress who, despite arriving late for her audition, is determined to land the lead in a play based on a classic erotic novel. Her emotionally charged audition for the play’s director becomes an electrifying game of cat and mouse in this steamy study of sex and power.

Vogue calls the show, “Smart, sexy, hilarious!” and I think that’s about right.

Who do you play?

I play Thomas Novacheck, a playwright/director who is casting for his adaptation of the 1870’s novel Venus in Fur. He is a perfectionist, stern, fiercely smart and perhaps misguided.

What is your favorite part about the playing the character?

This kind of role is a dream to get to play.  It is massive, nuanced, complicated and feels like getting ready to run a marathon every night. The play turns on a dime every other moment.  It switches in a breath between stylized classical acting to modern non-chalance, from high stakes tragedy to quirky comedy.  The play moves quickly, is funny and always surprising.

Do you have a favorite line from the play?

Thomas: Stand over there. Further left. No! Further left.
Vanda: Oh, Stage Left!
Thomas: Is there any other kind?

Because, really, is there any other kind?

Who is your co-star?

Veronika Deurr plays Vanda Jordon, an actress who comes in at the end of a long fruitless day of auditions and blows Thomas Novacheck’s mind in every way.  She is fierce, funny, stunning and takes the poor playwright/director for a ride.  Veronika kills it.

What do you enjoy most about working with her?

She, like me I hope, works fast, hard and brings her A game to each and every moment.  Veronika is a pro, I tell ya’.  She pushes for stronger, fuller choices and gives me a lot to play off of.

What should audiences expect when seeing the play?

Expect to be on the edge of your seat.  Expect to be excited and challenged.  Expect to laugh and to hold your breath.  Expect to need to pee well before the show is over, so take care of that just before the show starts.

If you had to give an elevator pitch for the play, what would you say?

This play is everything that is good about theater.  Smart, intense and funny.  Get your tickets now!

What has been your favorite role to play?

I have had a lot of fun playing the sarcastic, secret-ridden chemistry teacher, Adrian Harris on the last three seasons of MTV’s Teen Wolf.  It’s funny, because it has been nearly two years since I  performed on stage, but the last role I played was great fun.  It was in Out of Hand’s original show, Hominid, that premiered at Theater Emory and then did a three-month European Tour in collaboration with a Dutch Spectacle company called The Lunatics.   On that tour, I got to climb a 30-foot tall steel tree that made it rain outside and spouted fire.   I also got to ignite a 10,000 liter moat of water that burned during the performance.  You can check out video and the Studio 360 story about Hominid here.  http://www.outofhandtheater.com/2011/07/11/hominid/


You can see Adam Fristoe and Veronika Duerr in Venus in Fur at Actor’s Express through October 6, 2013. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website.