The Andrews Brothers – An Atlanta Theater Fans Review


Stage Door Players, an Atlanta TheaterStage Door Players begins its 40th Anniversary Season with a crowd-pleasing musical. The Andrews Brothers takes the audience on hysterical romp through the music of the 1940s.

On an island in the South Pacific, the stage crew is preparing for a U.S.O. show, featuring the Andrews Sisters. But, the crew, who happen to be brothers with the same name, have their sights set on higher things. When they learn that the sisters will be without their back-up singers, they jump in to fill the void. However, everything changes as plans get disrupted and an idea to save the show proves to be quite interesting.

The ensemble includes Galen Crawley, Christopher Lewis, Jeremy Varner and Tucker Weinmann. Under the direction of Dustin Lewis, the cast entertains with their tight harmonies and hilarious antics.

While the first act tends to be more exposition, the witty and slapstick moments come in the second act during the improvised U.S.O. show. There’s even some audience interaction, which on opening night included a couple of humorous men randomly picked from the crowd.

As Peggy, the back-up singer and pin-up girl, Crawley is delightful and performs the role with ease, giving flawless vocal performances throughout the show. It is the men, however, who are the stars of the show. From their awkward dancing to the over-blown gestures and reactions, they show sharp comedic timing and handle the physical comedy flawlessly.

Visually the show is equally as entertaining. Lewis’ choreography brings a certain sense of nostalgia to the show, and Chuck Welcome has designed a simple, useful set that evokes the right mood for the production.

A hilarious and enjoyable show, The Andrews Brothers plays through October 20, 2013. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website. The show’s runtime is two hours, including a fifteen minute intermission.

– A. Wesley