[title of show] – An Atlanta Theatear Fans Review


[title of show]Can a musical be about itself? Billed as “a new musical…about writing a new musical,” [title of show] at Tyrone’s The Legacy Theatre provides an entertaining and witty look at the creation of a Broadway musical, which happens to be the very musical on the stage.

It begins when Jeff (Justin Thompson) and Hunter (Jeremiah Hobbs) get an idea to write a musical to enter into a festival. After batting around a few ideas, the pair decides to write a musical about writing a musical. They enlist the help of two friends Heidi (Mandy Mitchell) and Susan (Marissa Druzbanski).

The final product consists of hilarious situations that create the scenes and songs. At times the ensemble comments on theater itself, including a funny song about flops, their personal lives, and the writing process. Once the show is accepted into the festival, the festival experience makes into the next draft of the script. As does the off-Broadway production and the eventual Broadway version.

The ensemble has a strong chemistry together onstage, while each member of the cast also has moments to highlight his/her own talents. It is clearly one of the best ensembles assembled for the theater. Whether it is the comedic timing of Hobbs, Thompson’s smooth voice, the perfectly delivered quips by Druzbanski, or Mitchell’s soaring vocals, the cast shines and makes the telling of this story captivating.

Directed by Mark Smith, the musical also includes Smith’s own choreography, which helps to perfectly capture the personalities of the characters. The unusual dance choices are funny and add an interesting touch the polished production.

While this show isn’t the typical family-friendly musical that audiences are accustomed to seeing on The Legacy Theatre’s stage, it has a charm and wit that many will find enjoyable. It is commendable that the theater is presenting this unique show. Full of New York and Broadway references, the quirky musical has added appeal to avid theatergoers. For those Atlanta theater lovers unfamiliar with the Legacy Theatre, [title of show]is the perfect show for them to drive south of the city and experience what the theater has to offer.

[title of show]plays at The Legacy Theatre through October 27, 2013. For tickets and more information, please visit our Now Onstage listing or the theater’s website. The show’s runtime is approximately two hours including an intermission.

– A. Wesley