Quick Chat with Ghost The Musical’s Carla R. Stewart

Carla R. Stewart. Photo courtesy of Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta.

Carla R. Stewart. Photo courtesy of Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta.

She’s feisty, speaks her mind and is a little bit flashy, and those are just a few of adjectives you could use to describe Oda Mae Brown in Ghost The Musical, basic on the hit movie Ghost. Carla R. Stewart is bringing a fresh look at the character to the stage. Learn more about the role and the show in this Quick Chat.


What do you enjoy most about playing Oda Mae Brown?
I really love Oda Mae. She’s Exciting; just a fun, larger than life type of character. I enjoy bringing her to life.  I love the comic relief to the show. It is such an emotional story. I love coming out and lightening the mood.

What is the most challenging part of playing her?
I can’t connect with Sam, my scene partner, with my eyes. I have to connect with my emotions. We can’t play off each other and that brings an interesting dynamic. The hardest part is not to look at him.

How do you approach playing her?
I saw the movie years ago and thought it would be best not to watch again and to not make a replica of Whoppi Goldberg and bring a fresh breathe to Oda Mae.

Is it hard playing such an iconic role?
It’s a healthy amount of pressure, but I am ok in my vision. I know the essence of the character and that relieved me of the pressure.

Fox Theatre hosts Ghost The Musical

Carla R. Stewart and cast of Ghost The Musical. Photo by Joan Marcus

What is your favorite number to perform?
“Are You A Believer” and “I’m Outta Here.” I’m a little bit torn.

What is the music like in the show?
It has a pop/rock type of feel. Most of my numbers have a gospel, churchy feel.

Why should audiences see the musical?
It’s a show for everyone. It’s a romantic thriller, it’s comedy…it has the magic.

What should audiences expect?
Bring tissues and prepare to tell ones you love that you love them.


Part of the Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta series, Ghost the Musical plays at the Fox Theatre in midtown through November 10, 2013. For tickets and more information, please visit Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta’s website, the Fox Theatre website or our Now Stage Onstage listing. Tickets are also available at the Fox Theatre box office or by phone at 1-855-ATL-TIXX.