Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre Double Casts a World Premiere by Atlanta Playwright


Wall Street Wedding CastIn Grant McGowen‘s new comedy Wall Street Wedding, brokers Tom and Phil discover they have a lot more to lose than leverage after the stock market crash of 2008. Directed by Robby Glade, performances begin Feb. 6, 2014 with Grant McGowen, Alex Van, Christie Vozniak, Bryn Striepe, and Jackie Costello. Directed by Hillary Heath, performances begin Feb. 24, 2014 with Sadye Claxton, Andy Fleming, Alana Cheshire, Brian Ashton Smith, and Rachel Shuey.

McGowen’s most recent play Let’s Make It, a romantic drama about a struggling filmmaker and his starlet wife, premiered at Pinch ‘n’ Ouch last winter. McGowen says Wall Street Wedding is “guaranteed laughs in these hard economic times.”

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