The Shakespeare Tavern Presents Timon of Athens


Atlanta's New American Shakespeare TavernThe Atlanta Shakespeare Company at The New American Shakespeare Tavern presents Timon of Athens (in repertory with The Taming of the Shrew).

Timon of Athens

$15 Preview Thursday January 2, 2014

Performances January 3, 9, 11, 17, 19, 23, 25, 2014

Directed by Drew Reeves

“We have seen better days”. – (Act IV, Scene II).

Timon is a wealthy Athenian noble who responds to flattery by hosting banquets, giving gifts and bailing out his suitors. When his fortune runs out and his friends reject his pleas for help, he becomes an embittered recluse and, after seeing that those who abandoned him suffer, withdraws to die.

Money: it can’t buy love, but it can promote hate.

Timon of Athens may be a simple story about a generous and self-indulgent man driven to misanthropy by his fair-weather friends, but it produces an avalanche of philosophical questions: Does Timon deserve our compassion for shunning society and condemning/contaminating the very people he once called friends? Does he deserve to be punished for his vanity and ostentation or is he right to expect more from his parasitic friends? Is there a place for cynicism in society? Watch and Decide.

A part of The Shakespeare Evolution Series: The Tragedies
Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday, January 19,2014 after the show!

Timon of Athens – Maurice Ralston*

Appemantus, a Churlish Philosopher Andrew Houchins*

Alcibiades, an Athenian Captain – Matt Nitchie*

Flavius, Timon’s Steward Paul Hester*


Daniel Carter Brown

J. Tony Brown*

Joshua Diboll

Amanda Lindsey

Mary Russell

Jeffrey Stephenson

Nikole Williams

Troy Willis*

by Drew Reeves

Act I

The merchants and artisans of Athens are gathered around Timon’s house, including a poet and a painter who have created works specifically for him to purchase.  Timon is a wealthy Athenian, and everyone knows he spends and gives his wealth extravagantly.     When he arrives the merchants and artisans all flatter him to gain his business, and the lords flatter him for gifts.  Lords offer gifts to him knowing he will give them back much more in gifts and money.  Apemantus, a philosopher, arrives and begins insulting everyone.  His insults, however, do speak to the truth of the overly generous Timon and the shallow flatterers.  Alcibiades arrives, and is the only person to greet Timon warmly.  Timon invites all into his house for a feast.

At the feast, Timon provides food and wine to all, and has hired dancing girls to entertain them.   In addition, Timon continues to give gifts and money as he proclaims them all his friends.  Only Apemantus and Alcibiades refuse his gifts.  Apemantus has brought his own food and drink and continues to rudely comment on the whole situation.  Flavius, Timon’s faithful Steward, is worried for his master because he’s starting to run out of money.

Flavius has tried to protect Timon by borrowing from wealthy Senators.   They become concerned with his extravagance and begin sending their servants to collect the debts.  Flavius tries to keep them at bay, but ultimately must confess to Timon that he is now broke.  Timon sends to his friends for help, and to collect debts owed to him, but they all refuse.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, a friend of Alcibiades is being put to death.  Alcibiades pleads for the life of his friend.  The Senators refuse to acquiesce and banish Alcibiades from Athens.  Before he leaves he vows to take vengeance on Athens for the wrongs done to him and others.

Timon invites the lords who have denied their assistance to another feast.  When the dishes are uncovered they contain water instead of food.  Timon goes into a rage, chases off the lords, and burns down his house.  He leaves Athens to live in the woods and renounces wealth and the society of men.  Flavius and Timon’s other servants are now without a home or a job.  Flavius splits all of the money he has among the others and vows to remain true to Timon.

Act II

Timon is now living alone in a cave.  He spends his time digging for roots to eat.  While digging, he discovers buried gold and is once again a wealthy man.  He denounces wealth as an evil that will destroy society.

Alcibiades, accompanied by two prostitutes, happens by on his way to attack Athens.    He tries to talk to Timon, but Timon rejects his friendship.  Timon gives him gold which he takes to pay his soldiers.

Apemantus comes seeking Timon because he has heard that Timon affects his manners.  He offers Timon food but Timon refuses it with curses.  He observes that Timon never knew the middle of humanity, but had only lived at the extremes.  The two misanthropes fall into an exchange of insults.  As Apemantus leaves, three thieving soldiers arrive.  Timon freely gives them gold so they no longer have to be thieves, which drives at least one of them from his wicked ways.

Flavius comes in next.  His compassion moves Timon, but in the end Timon still drives him away.  Next the Poet and Painter come in because they’ve heard of Timon’s new found wealth.  Timon drives them away.  Two Senators come to ask Timon’s aid in turning back Alcibiades attack.  Timon drives them away.

The Senators take the news back to Athens that Timon has refused his aid.  They prepare for Alcibiades attack.

A soldier happens upon Timon’s hole, and finds him dead.  Timon has written his own epitaph on a gravestone, but the soldier cannot read.  He makes a wax inscription and takes it to Athens.

Alcibiades and his army are before the gates of Athens.  The soldier brings news of Timon’s death, and Alcibiades reads his epitaph.  He reconciles with Athens, but vows to heal the city of its shallow ways.

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