Shakespeare’s R&J” opens Valentine’s Day 2014 at Fabrefaction Theatre Conservatory

Photo by Bree Anne Clowdus

Photo by Bree Anne Clowdus

On Friday, February 14, 2014, Fabrefaction Theatre Conservatory (FTC) opens what The New York Times calls a “hot-blooded adaptation of Romeo and Juliet” – Shakespeare’s R&J, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  The show runs Thursday-Sunday at the 156-seat theater in West Midtown.  Shakespeare’s R&J is the story of four young prep school students, tired of going through the usual drill of conjugating Latin and other tedious school routines, decide to vary their very governed lives. After school, one breaks out a copy of William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET and they all take turns reading the play aloud.

The Bard’s words and the story itself are thrilling to the boys and they become swept away, enmeshed in the emotion so much so that they break school rules in order to continue their readings. The rigidity of their lives begins to parallel the lives of the characters in the play: roles in the family, roles in society and the roles played by men and women soon seem to make all the sense in the world, and then, suddenly, they seem to make no sense at all. Although they had been taking turns playing all the parts, two eventually emerge playing Romeo and Juliet exclusively, bringing a whole new dimension to the proceedings. Perceptions and understanding are turned upside down as the fun of play acting turns serious and the words and meanings begin to hit home and universal truths emerge.

This production is indicative of the new professional and student artist training model as part of Fabrefaction’s transition from a Company to a Conservatory.  FTC is thrilled to announce a cast directed by Serenbe Playhouse’s Brian Clowdus, that consists of Brian Hatch, Kyle Brumley, Justin Walker and Chase Steven Anderson with recent college graduate Dayne Catalano and FTC Junior Company member Drew Andersen as understudies.  Ryan Oliveti will be the Assistant Director.

“I could not be more excited to be directing this ground breaking adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. We will be the first regional production outside of The Signature Theatre (where it premiered) to be using the revamped Joe Calarco script, even before it’s publishing. This show gets to the heart of Romeo and Juliet with four powerhouse actors playing every role embracing the angst, lust and forbidden circumstances of the story all set within the confines of an all-boy Catholic prep school. If truer words were ever spoken, this is not your Grandmother’s Romeo and Juliet!”

Shakespeare’s R&J contains language that is not suitable for all ages. We recommend this production for audiences ages 13+.

Fabrefaction Theatre Conservatory’s 2012 productions of Assassins (No. 1) and Tartuffe (No. 7) were named to’s list of the 10 best theatrical productions in metro Atlanta.