Theater Bits Blog – Save Arts Funding in Fulton County


Fulton County’s latest budget slashes Arts funding in the county, putting community and professional arts organizations at risk. Please show your support of the Arts in Fulton County. If you can attend the  attend the Commissioners meeting, it is being held at the Fulton County Municipal Building in the Assembly Hall on Prior Street this Wednesday, January 22 at 9:30 a.m.

If you live in Fulton or are a patron of a Fulton theater, please write to the commissioners or call them to let them know how important the Arts are in metro Atlanta. Arts professionals and leaders can also sign a petition here:

Fulton County Board of Commissioners
District 1 (At Large) Chairman John Eaves Email:  404-612-8206

District 2 (At Large) Commissioner Robb Pitts Email:  404-612-8210

 District 3  Commissioner Liz Hausmann Email:  404-612-8213

 District 4  Commissioner Tom Lowe Email:  404-612-8218

 District 5   Commissioner Emma Darnell Email:   404-612-8222

 District 6    Commissioner Joan Garner Email:   404-612-8226

 District 7   Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards Email:   404-612-8230

Dwight Ferrell – County Manager Email: