7 Stages Presents Red Badge of Courage with Kennesaw State University


7 Stages and Kennesaw State University join forces to bring Atlanta Red Badge of Courage. Adapted from Stephen Crane’s classic American novel, Red Badge of Courage is an intimate, intensely sensory performance for tabletop puppetry, live actors, and a multi-layered web of projected silhouettes and animation.

Red Badge of Courage takes the audience into the heart of battle to experience the horror and absurd surrealism of pre-industrial warfare, and to consider the considerable effect on the hearts and minds of young people thrust into its midst. “It’s a book I’ve always wanted to adapt since I first read it as a kid in middle school,” says co-creator and 7 Stages associate artistic director Michael Haverty. “The story is all about what happens to a soldier in battle and the surreal-ness of war, especially for our main character, who really doesn’t know why he’s there. It’s a mixture of the real and the unreal.”

The production utilizes the talents of one professional actor Bryan Mercer and four Kennesaw State University theatre students Josh Brook, Laura Driskill, Devon Hales and Megan Jance. This collaboration is a mutually beneficial partnership. The students get the experience of working with professional actors and on a professional stage and the university helps offset some of the cost of the production.

“It gives the students a learning opportunity to see how things work in full production,” says co-creator and associate professor Jane Barnette, “It’s sort of like an internship for them. They’re not just learning about it in the classroom, they’re actually doing it.” Red Badge of Courage runs February 27- March 23 at 7 Stages. Tickets available at 7stages.org.