Quick Chat with Kate Donadio

Kate Donadio

Kate Donadio

Sometimes everyone wants to find an escape. For the couple in Maple and Vine at Actor’s Express that escape is to a community where it is always 1955. In this quick chat, actress Kate Donadio discusses the 1950s, the play and more.

What would your one sentence summary of the play be?
A successful, modern couple become disenchanted with their life and decide to move to a community of 1950s reenactors.

Who is your character and how would you describe her?
Katha has suffered a loss and is feeling broken.  She is looking for something, anything to change the way she feels about her life.

 Do you think that a group like the one in the play could actually happen?

Why do you think anyone would want to join such a group?
So often, when we’re terribly sad or bored or lonely, we look for a way to change our lives.  Granted, this is a radical change, but it would definitely be a way to start over.

Would you want to live in the 1950s?
I don’t think the 1950s would be my era of choice, but I do see the appeal of this type of community.  I’ve watched Frontier House, Manor House, Victorian Farm, etc on PBS and been fascinated by the idea of living in another time.  There is something very appealing about the idea of testing your mettle to see how you would fare under conditions so radically different from your own.  There’s also something interesting about having more structure and guidelines to how one lives.  Today you can do anything.  On the one hand, it’s wonderful and exciting to have so many possibilities.  On the other hand, all the options in the world can be a bit paralyzing.  If you knew from the start what you could do and how you could do it, would you appreciate your relationships and the small things in life more?  Would you appreciate your modern life and opportunities more?  I don’t think I’d want to move there permanently, but I could absolutely see myself wanting to give it a try!

What is your favorite 1950s movie? Song? Television show?
I can’t possibly pick just one in any of these categories!  I will do my best to limit my selections!

Movies: All About Eve, Singin’ in the Rain, and Some Like it Hot (Three of my all-time favorites, not just from the ‘50s!)

Songs: “Wheel of Fortune” by Kay Starr, “Not Fade Away” by Buddy Holly & the Crickets, “Milford” by Edith Piaf, “Buona Sera” by Louis Prima

TV Shows: I’ve always been partial to The Donna Reed Show and The Honeymooners.


Maple and Vine at Actor’s Express runs through April 20, 2014. For tickets and more information please visit the theater’s website.