End of the Rainbow at Actor’s Express


End of the Rainbow, by Peter Quilter, directed by Artistic Director Freddie Ashley opens Saturday night, May 17, 2014, 8pm curtain, preview performances are May 15 and 16, and the ever-popular pay-what-you-want sneak peek, “Director’s Rough Cut”, is Wednesday, May 14. The immensely talented Natasha Drena, of Savannah, Georgia, leads the cast as icon Judy Garland in her comeback attempt in 1968 London.

Single tickets for End of the Rainbow are on sale now at the box office (404-607-7469) or online at http://www.actors-express.com/. Preview tickets are $15, and single tickets start at $26; student and senior discounts available. Actor’s Express is located at 887 W. Marietta Street, Suite J-107, Atlanta, Georgia 30318.


It’s December 1968, and Judy Garland is making one last stab at a comeback. In a London hotel room with her young new fiancee, pills and a cocktail at her side, Garland prepares for a series of high profile concerts. Her razor sharp wit, mammoth talent, and raw determination battle with her inner demons as she tries to reclaim the crown as the greatest talent of a generation. Featuring many of Garland’s signature anthems, including “The Man that Got Away”, “Come Rain or Come Shine”, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

“It seems odd to think of Judy Garland, the greatest entertainer of a generation, as an underdog, but after years of addiction and personal troubles, that’s just what she was in 1968. And when she had a chance to reclaim her past glory, even as her candle was about to go out, she went for it with everything she had,” says Ashley. “I love a story about overcoming obstacles, and that’s one of the great narrative threads in Judy Garland’s life. Her final stab at greatness is a powerful, poignant story.”


The cast includes Natasha Drena as Judy, in a role she was born to play; Tony Larkin as Mickey Deans, Judy’s fiancée; John Lemley as the Radio Announcer; Bill Newberry as Anthony, Judy’s pianist; Ben Silver, as the Assistant Stage Manager; and Jordan-William Snead as the Porter.

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Tickets start at $26 and are available online at http://www.actors-express.com/ or by calling the box office at 404-607-SHOW (7496).

Senior and student discounts are available.

Tickets for preview performances start at $15 and are on sale now, as well.

<<There are no handling fees when you buy online!>>

EVERYONE’S FAVORITE! “Director’s Rough Cut”: pay-what-you-want performance, Wednesday, May 14, 8pm.