Theater Bits Blog – 2014 Atlanta Theater Fan Award Nominee Reactions


The nominations for the Fourth Annual Atlanta Theater Fan Awards have been announced, and several of the nominees have shared their reaction statements. This page will be updated as more nominee reactions are received. Congratulations to all the nominees, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

The cast of Godspell. Photo by Brian Clowdus

The cast of Godspell. Photo by Brian Clowdus

“Thank you for recognizing all those nominated for the great work they did on our production of Godspell.”

Robert Egizio, Artistic Director of Stage Door Players, which staged Best Musical nominee Godspell

“I am truly honored and grateful for the nomination, but feel being singled out is unfair. There were several factors that came together to create the phenomenal sound design of that show. First: the cast. What an incredible ensemble of voices- both in solos and in chorus! Second: the band- each instrument played by a ferocious talent with the ability to rock a glorious tone and feel without using high volume. Third: the sound system. We revamped the sound system at the theatre. The theatre used to have two large main speakers hanging stage left and right, providing all the sound to the house. This was changed to a series of smaller speakers mounted in stereo pairs directly above the audience. This allowed much better sound control for our audience without blowing some folks out of their seats and leaving others in an audio vacuum. Godspell at Stage Door Players was a magnificent display of Atlanta’s theatre talent coming together and creating a truly magical show, and I am beyond thrilled to have been a part of it!”

Rial Ellsworth, nominee for Best Sound Design for Godspell at Stage Door Players


Actor's Express presents End of the Rainbow

Natasha Drena as Judy Garland. Photo by BreeAnne Clowdus

“What a thrill to have our work recognized like this. It’s particularly special since these awards are voted on by audiences. I hope these nominations are an indicator that our work is resonating with the people for whom we’re doing it. Congratulations to all the nominees and a huge thank-you to Atlanta Theater Fans for promoting and supporting live theatre in our city.”

Freddie Ashley, nominee for Best Director for End of the Rainbow and Artistic Director at Actor’s Express