I Do, I Do, I Do – An Atlanta Theater Fans Review


Sometimes love can be a funny thing and hit someone at the most inopportune time – a time as unfortunate as the latter days before a wedding. But, if you believe in love at first sight, then true love must be pursued no matter when it presents itself.

Such is the premise of the comedy I Do, I Do, I Do by Robin Hawdon, now playing at Stage Door Players in Dunwoody. The light-hearted romantic comedy features a love triangle that is almost farcical in its presentation. A sort of love triangle sends everyone for a loop as Diana (Sarah Newby Halicks) must decide who she wants to marry: Tom (Brian Hatch), Jamie (Matthew Bass) or Geoff (Benjamyn Toler).

Hawdon’s script is funny and interesting. Cleverly written, the show begins as Jamie and Holly are planning their wedding; however, when Geoff professes to Holly that he loves her, her desire to marry Jamie begins to wane. Things really get turned upside down when Jamie’s sister Holly (Alana Cheshire) introduces her boyfriend Tom to Diana. There’s an instant connection between Tom and Diana with neither being able to take their gaze off of each other. It’s a fast-paced romp, filled with witty dialogue, until the end when Diana’s decision is revealed.

As wonderful as the script is, the cast is underwhelming. From wavering accents and overacting to flubbed lines too numerous to count, the stage performances are not what you would expect from the theater, whose casts generally give solid performances. Perhaps it was opening night jitters, but no one was at the top of his/her game.

One actor does stand out among the rest. Bass’ cool, unassuming demeanor and his consistent, natural-sounding accent help him rise above the others. Also deserving to be recognized is Holly Stevenson as Ann, Jamie’s mother, for her nuanced performance despite tripping over a few of her lines.

The production features an elegant set designed by Chuck Welcome, and costumes by Jane Kroessig. Each have a British flair to them that helps to easily transport you into the story. Additionally, Rial Ellsworth’s sound design has been seamlessly integrated into the show.

Even with the misgivings about the cast, the show is enjoyable to watch due to Hawdon’s clever script. Regular audiences for the theater will find it agreeable, just as the opening night crowd did. A humorous and entertaining story, I Do, I Do, I Do runs through October 12, 2014 at Stage Door Players. For tickets and more information, please visit the theater’s website. The show’s runtime is around two hours with an intermission.

– Kenny Norton

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