Quick Chat with Newsies’ Jacob Kemp

Newsies at the Fox Theatre

Dan DeLuca (Jack Kelly) (center), Jacob Kemp (Davey) and the original North American Tour company of
NEWSIES. ©Disney. Photo by Deen van Meer.

Are you one of the loyal legion of Newsies fans called “Fansies”? Do you even know who they are?

After the 1992 feature film by Disney flopped at the box office, a new generation of kids grew up watching the movie musical starring Christian Bale on TV and home video. These fans longed for a stage version, and when it finally arrived, the “fansies” played a large role in the musical’s success.

“Fansies” are more than just fans. They are ardent supporters of the show, and the busy stage door is more like a family reunion than the hectic chaos of the stage doors of shows with a Hollywood star.

In this Quick Chat, Newsies‘ Jacob Kemp, who plays Davey in the musical, discusses his experience and thoughts about “Fansies.”


What is the largest influence Fansies have had on the show?

The fans devotion to the story propelled the run to over 1,000 performances on Broadway. It’s exciting to have people championing your work.

Are the Fansies fans of just the cast?

They are passionate not just about this cast but also the designers and technicians receive fan mail.

What other type gifts do you usually receive at the stage door?

Pieces of art work and fan fiction.

Is there a lot of Newsies fan fiction online?

Yes. If you Google Newsies musical fan fiction, you will find it.

Did you know that Newsies has inspired a significant amount of fan fiction?

I hadn’t discovered it until a cast mate informed me.

What type of stories do the fans write?

They imagine future circumstances of the newsies.

What do you think about the fan fiction?

These fans are the budding playwrights of tomorrow. It’s thrilling to know that fans of all ages have been inspired by our story.

Any particular gift stand out to you?

One of the coolest gifts is Disney Vinylmation. [collectable figurines sold at Disney parks featuring Disney’s characters]A lady painted over them and created Newsies Vinylnmation.

What is the musical’s message, and why do you think it resonates with audiences?

When you stand up for yourself marvelous things can happen. It says a huge amount of what the human spirit is capable of.


Disney’s Newsies plays at the Fox Theatre through January 25, 2015 as part of the Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta series. For tickets or more information, please visit www.broadwayinatlanta.com.

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