Theater Bits Blog – Leadership Changes at the Suzie Bass Awards


The Suzi Bass Awards, Inc. announced today that long-time Executive Director Deadra Moore will resign on January 15, 2015. A search for a suitable executive director candidate has begun, and Heidi Blackwell, current volunteer coordinator for panel judges and website manager has been named Interim Executive Director until the position is filled permanently. 

The Suzi Awards is in its tenth year, and has been growing steadily since it was founded by a small group of theatre professionals including the late Gene-Gabriel Moore, Deadra Moore (no relation), current Board Member Dianne Butler, and current Advisory Board Members Paul Holly and Yolanda Asher. During its first decade the Suzi Awards has become an integral part of the Atlanta professional theatre community.

“We have spent the last several years building an active, connected Board of Directors,” commented Board Chair Elizabeth Davis. “This board is providing guidance in completing the Suzi Awards’ transition from a start-up to a growth-oriented, self-sufficient organization. Taking founders out of operational roles has been a long-planned aspect of that transition, and we are pleased to be activating an Executive Director search.”

For most of her tenure, Ms. Moore worked as a volunteer part-time executive director and producer of the annual Awards Ceremony. In February of 2014 the position became the organization’s first full-time employee. Volunteers and committees make up the rest of the Suzi year-round staff.

Ms. Moore commented, “I am thrilled that the Suzi Awards programs are established and we can now make the leap to a new phase. I will continue to support the organization as a volunteer, as do all of the co-founders. After ten years of Suzi work, though, I do look forward to getting back to my career as an actor in theatre, film and television.”

The search committee of the Suzi Board will take approximately six weeks to find a candidate experienced in non-profit administration, development and volunteer management to become the new Executive Director of the Suzi Awards.

For more information on the Executive Director position, or to apply, please go to


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