Off Stage – Changes at Atlanta Theater Fans


In order to streamline our focus and to differentiate from similar websites, we are temporarily suspending reviews as we enter the next chapter of the site’s existence.

Since we started Atlanta Theater Fans, our goal was to be a portal to drive theatre fans seeking information to places where it could be found while providing news, features and an online community. The site has gone from 300 unique visitors a month to over 3,000 unique visitors each month all the while providing consumers with information about the latest productions in Atlanta.

From the beginning the site has operated as volunteer organization. No one has been paid for the work that has been put into the site. In fact, what the site makes from hosting Google advertising pays for the hosting of the site and nothing else. As with any volunteer group, the site is held captive to outside schedules and other jobs.

What is changing at Atlanta Theater Fans?

  • Reviews will be suspended temporarily. We are not sure how long we will suspend the reviews or if the suspension will evolve into a permanent one.
  • The online community, which included a message board, has been closed. It will not return as we would like to promote the active discussions of Atlanta theater productions on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • The calendar has been disabled as it did not get views. We will look to promote the opening and closing of shows via our blog and social media.

What is not changing?

  • We will still publish theater news.
  • We still do features on the site. In fact, one area we would like to grow is the YouTube channel.
  • We will still coordinate the Atlanta Theater Fan Awards.
  • We will still work to promote and support Atlanta theater as best we can.

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